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E-Recycling Solution
OEM Manufacturers

OEM Manufacturers and E-Waste Recycling

Direct Resource Management is committed to responsible electronic recycling and keeping electronics out of the waste stream. Maximizing the reuse of electronics and their components through parts harvesting, redeployment and remarketing is our first goal.

NCMSS offers the following solutions:

  • Program Planning and Implementation
  • Data Protection and Destruction Services with Reporting
  • Full Auditing and Reporting of Electronic Assets and Products
  • Complete Chain of Custody
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Certified Recycling
  • Certified Product Destruction

With the increase in State laws requiring that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) responsibly recycle obsolete consumer electronics; many OEM's have recognized their role in offering both environmentally sustainable electronic products and also participating in the collection of retired electronic products for reuse and recycling.

An OEM handling end-of-life disposal responsibly is a part of being not only a good environmental steward but also meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

OEM objectives and demands are radically different from all most other entities. NCMSS knows that OEMs face specific concerns when selecting an electronics recycling service provider, including:


The principle demand of OEMs is ensuring that all obsolete, non-working, off-book and off-lease equipment is dismantled. Several OEMs have been burned from recyclers reselling parts or equipment. The results caused grave environmental, legal, and business problems.

  • NCMSS earned a reputation among OEMs for integrity. Many of NCMSS's OEM clients are major electronics manufacturers. NCMSS assumes the responsibility to protect these customers from environmental and legal liability. NCMSS management installed rigorous redundant Chain-of-Custody steps to ensure no electronic equipment in the recycling process returns to the market.
  • NCMSS also provides detailed reports to OEM customers with equipment transport detail. This complete accountability comforts customers, knowing de-manufacturing and destruction or recycling of equipment occurred and no decommissioned equipment found its way to the marketplace.

NCMSS's End-to-End Management System

Original Equipment Manufacturers want to optimize productive time, which means avoiding logistics minutia. OEMs want service partners to manage national and global turnkey projects.

NCMSS has helped a number of OEMs transport equipment, whether from clients or their own facility. NCMSS responsibilities include:

  • Communication
  • Coordination
  • Negotiating best logistic prices
  • Ensuring timely pick-up and delivery of every shipment

NCMSS's turnkey services released OEMs from devoting valuable time dealing with unproductive issues, but more importantly, the system also produced significant logistics cost savings.

5-Star Recycling Standards

OEMs are concerned about the stewardship and the sustainability of the environment. They don't want equipment bearing their names ending up in landfills, foreign or domestic. The negative image fallout can have damaging results.

NCMSS is the recycling service provider that has achieved all required certifications. This distinction reflects NCMSS's self-imposed "Preferred Management Standards" As a result; OEMs utilizing NCMSS's services are relieved from legal and environmental liabilities. Certifications:

  • "ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)"
  • "ISO 9001 (Quality Management)"
  • "R2 (EPA's Responsible e-Recycling )"
  • "RIOS (ISRI's Recycling Industry Operating System)"

NCMSS's provides turn-key recycling services for:

  • Leading electronics manufacturers of consumer electronics
  • Industrial electronics
  • Office equipment providers
  • Instrumentation electronics vendors
  • Medical electronics manufacturers and users

NCMSS's project experts are skilled at devising the optimum approach for recycling a wide variety of equipment.

NCMSS solutions provide the ability to reach your social and environmental goals while maintaining regulatory requirements and compliance.

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