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DRM Electronics & Computer Recycling is socially and environmentally responsible and driven by a mission to foster a cleaner environment by addressing the growing electronic waste disposal problem.

DRM is the Bay Area leader for providing cost-effective, environmentally sensitive used asset disposal solutions. Working with clients, DRM determines the best methods for recovering and recycling consumer and commercial products. DRM processes use the resources from redundant electronic equipment effectively, through reuse and refurbishment or recovery of materials used for manufacturing.


Security is a vital component of our services, for your equipment, your data, and your reputation. DRM security systems ensure optimum protection for products in the recycling process. The security services include 24/7 access control, monitoring, and CCTV surveillance. NCMSS recycling and remarketing processes are "DOD 5220.22-M" compliant. Hard drive shredding follows "NIST SP 800-88" "Guidelines for Media Sanitization". Whether neutralized by hard drive shredding or by hard drive wiping, we ensure that hard drive information is never compromised during the process.

Total Accountability

Today the electronics de-manufacturing and recycling industry lacks uniform standards and accountability. DRM tracks equipment undergoing reuse and de-manufacturing processes to provide full accountability and transparency. With our accountability system, customers, retailers, manufacturers, and government environmental agencies can gauge the success of their investment efforts to support electronic waste recycling.

Process Management

Complete data security, safe and healthy working conditions and environmental compliance we achieved by continuous DRM auditing of processes and procedures.

Landfill & Domestic Recycling

Avoiding and preventing liability is your goal and DRM's mission. As a recycler with a zero landfill and zero export policies, NCMSS ensures customers that they will have zero liability exposure from our recycling process.

DRM Customer Service

DRM enjoys the reputation as one of the best customer service operations in the recycling industry. Regardless of order size, every customer's single point of contact is a professional customer service representative.

Technology Management Solutions

Information is needed to assess the value and disposition of assets. DRM offers a number of information assessment processes variety of information collection processes to help you archive the final disposition of your assets and maximize their values.

Value-Plus Services

Assessments, recovery of itemized parts, unit tracking, audits, customized reports, storage, and re-deployment are a few of the customized services that can be configured to meet your needs.

Why DRM?

  • Certified for maximum standards
  • Comprehensive reports & Certificates of Recycling
  • A greater value provided customers with IT asset management
  • A major electronic recycler in the SF Bay Area
  • OEM financed residential programs reduce consumer recycling costs
  • Advanced recycling systems
  • Pledge of customer service excellence: dedicated account managers
  • Zero % landfill practice and policy
  • "NIST 800-88" compliant data protection processes
  • Strict facility security compliance
  • GPS transport vehicle tracking
  • Proven "Environmental, Health and Safety Management System" ("EHSMS") record
  • Meets or exceeds compliance with local, state, and federal laws
  • Solid relationships with Original Equipment Manufactures
  • Manages custom-tailored recycling programs to meet and exceed customer expectations

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