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Why Local Teams Trust Our San Francisco Secure Data Destruction

When it comes to data security, just about everyone in the city knows that you simply cannot afford to take risks with your San Francisco secure data destruction planning process. As one of the most trusted names in San Francisco secure data destruction, our team at NC Computer Recycling has put together this quick overview to help illustrate why our data destruction services are the best choice for your team.

We follow industry-leading best practices

It may surprise you that many teams still don’t realize that simply deleting files from a computer doesn’t fully guarantee the files are erased. As more and more teams in San Francisco are becoming aware of, deleted files are not gone from the device until they are overwritten or the device is physically destroyed.

At NC Computer Recycling, we always follow industry-leading best practices for data destruction so that you can rest assured that the data you want destroyed will never be recovered.

At the core of our secure data destruction services is our DOD 5220.22-M compliant process and hard drive shredding that follows the NIST SP 800-88 standard “Guidelines for Media Sanitization.”

In addition, our facilities have baseline security services in place that include 24/7 access control, monitoring, and CCTV surveillance to protect devices as they’re waiting to be processed. This means no unauthorized personnel will access your devices once they’re at our facilities, and everyone on location is documented.

Our reputation matters

At NC Computer Recycling, we also know that our reputation is a big part of why customers continue to choose us above other vendors.

Our team has been successfully destroying data in a secure manners for teams in San Francisco and across the Bay Area for years, and our continued success as a business is a testament to the quality of our services.

Over the years, our services have also helped all types and kinds of local teams, and are suitable for companies, schools, universities, labs, hospitals, government offices and just about every other team in the city.

When you select a vendor for your secure data destruction needs, make sure you choose a team that has a strong positive reputation like ours.

We help provide full accountability by tracking every device along the way

In addition to the data destruction process and our secure facilities, our team can also help provided added protection for your organization through accountability and tracking.

When it comes to destroying data, you’ll want to be able to demonstrate later that you properly handled devices and were responsible when addressing data destruction.

Whenever a leak happens at an organization – which is almost inevitable these days – everyone starts to experience a little extra scrutiny, even if they weren’t the source of the leak. It’s always good to be able to stand up and point to documentation of data destruction.

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