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Why Every Team Needs Secure Data Destruction in San Francisco

The days of claiming ignorance are long gone when it comes to data security, and every team in the city now finds itself needing to have a plan for secure data destruction in San Francisco. While most teams know that they need to have a process for secure data destruction in San Francisco, many teams don’t fully understand why they need such a process and exactly what the risks are.

To help your team better understand the need for data destruction so that you can get your team members and stakeholders rallied around this important cause, here are some of the top reasons every team needs to have a plan in place for secure data destruction.

Reason #1: Using basic delete functions on devices is not effective
The top reason why secure data destruction is so necessary for every team in San Francisco is simply that the basic delete functions on devices is insufficient when it comes to guaranteeing that data cannot be recovered from devices.

For example, traditional hard drives don’t actually remove data when you use the default file deletion methods on the computer. Such data is not actually conclusively irrecoverable until new data is written over it or the device is physically destroyed.

Since basic deletion is not sufficient to protect your team from liability, it’s important to use more secure, professional data destruction methods.

Reason #2: Customer data and internal employee data
With recent data breaches making headlines, every team is beginning to realize that allowing customer data or internal employee data to become public can be a huge disaster in terms of reputation damage, fiscal liability and immense damage to the victims of unwanted data exposure.

It’s important for every team in San Francisco to make sure the reputation of their team is solid to ensure success, and avoid costly lawsuits from customers or employees who have their data unintentionally accessed, as data thieves can do when data is not securely destroyed.

Reason #3: Proprietary data
Aside from sensitive personal data, your company, school, hospital, government office, or other organization may have proprietary data that you cannot allow to be exposed publicly. For example, companies may have software designs or upcoming secret products in development that cannot be allowed to end up in the hands of competitors. Hospitals and government teams also have a lot of information that needs to be kept internally, rather than made external. Any time office equipment like computers need to be retired, the risk exists that such proprietary data could be leaked if not securely destroyed using professional-grade methods.

Reason #4: The sheer proliferation of data
These days, sensitive data is finding its way on all kinds of devices across your entire team. It isn’t just engineers, programmers, or data scientists who have sensitive data on their devices, but even reception, human resources, IT staff, security staff, operations staff and more.

Just about everyone these days has private emails, attachments, and other files on their computers, mobile phones, and elsewhere, so it’s important to make sure secure data destruction methods are applied as broadly as possible without the assumption that some team members or devices do not need secure data destruction methods to be applied.

Reason #5: It can be a lot easier for your team than you think
Having your data professionally and securely destroyed is a lot easier than you may think, so there’s no excuse to not having your data destroyed properly. The best way to quickly and efficiently handle secure data destruction is to partner with a trustworthy and well-qualified vendor like our team at NC Computer Recycling. In most cases, working with a team like ours can save your team both time and money compared to trying to handle the project internally. We’ve been providing secure data destruction services in San Francisco for years, so give us a call or send us an email and see how we can help your team today!


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