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San Francisco On-Site Destruction of Data: How to Choose the Best Vendor

When looking for services for San Francisco on-site destruction of data, it can be challenging navigating the various vendors on the market. As one of the leading teams in San Francisco on-site destruction of data, our experts have created this guide to help you understand what to look for to make the best vendor selection.

Remember, data security is a top priority for everyone in the modern age of breaches and hacks, so be sure to choose wisely when it comes to who helps you ensure your data is destroyed securely.

The vendor should meet or exceed industry standards

The minimum baseline when evaluating a vendor for on-site data destruction is whether or not they’re familiar with industry standards and have practices that meet or exceed those standards.

At NC Computer Recycling, our data destruction methods always meet or exceed NIST and Department of Defense standards that are recognized as benchmarks in the data security industry.

Choosing a vendor who doesn’t adhere to such standards as a baseline provides a lower level of guarantee that your data will be destroyed correctly, and data destruction projects that are not handled properly can cause catastrophic data theft and difficulties proving data was destroyed in court cases.

The vendor should know how to handle a wide range of devices

These days, sensitive data is stored on a wide range of devices, not only traditional hard disk drives on desktop computers and laptops.

Nowadays, your team members likely have data on a wide range of devices that may include solid state drives, mobile phones, tablets, flash drives, USB drives, old servers, and other devices.

Not all devices should be handled the same way, and the vendor you select should be able to process them all, as our team at NC Computer Recycling does.

Avoid vendors who appear unfamiliar with data destruction practices for the full range of modern devices, as their methods may be outdated and could potentially introduce unnecessary risk to your project.

The vendor should help with accurate recordkeeping

On-site data destruction starts with destroying the data, but doesn’t end there.

Legal liability considerations are difficult to predict, especially if you’re interacting with several teams. For example, a breach may occur in a part of your organization that is completely separate from your team, and yet you may be asked to prove that the data on your decommissioned devices was handled properly.

For these reasons, choosing a vendor who can help provide records of devices that were processed, when they were processed, who processed them, and how they were processed is crucial.

At NC Computer Recycling, our team can always help with these services as part of your overall project, so be sure to expect nothing less from the vendor you select.

Make sure the vendor has a strong reputation

Our team at NC Computer Recycling believes that our success over the years is largely attributable to our belief that customer satisfaction is paramount.

We’re proud to have built a solid reputation over the years as a data destruction specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area, and our customer reviews and ratings speak to our dedication to helping teams like yours.

Make sure you avoid any vendors who have no track record to point to or worse yet, a negative history. If they didn’t handle projects properly in the past, they may not be operating at the same high level of standards that teams like ours do.

Get started sooner rather than later

Don’t delay too long. If you’ve got data sitting on devices at your location waiting to be destroyed, these devices are just another liability to worry about and manage.

Get in touch with our team today via phone or email and our friendly staff will be happy to help you get started with your on-site data destruction project right away.

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