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How We Can Help Your San Francisco IT Asset Disposition Project Succeed

Most teams don’t know every step that needs to go into making a San Francisco IT asset disposition project successful, and most teams don’t have the time to research it. Since we’re a leader in the realm of San Francisco IT asset disposition, our team of IT asset disposition experts has put together this quick guide to explain how our methods help teams like yours find success.

We keep everything environmentally friendly

First a foremost, virtually every team in San Francisco understands just how important it is to be environmentally responsible during IT asset disposition projects. It’s not just the ethically correct way to operate, it’s also promoted and enforced by laws and regulations.

With IT assets in particular, the potential for damage is significant as IT assets often contain harmful chemicals and metals which should not be allowed to seep out and pollute the environment.

At NC Computer Recycling, we have a zero-landfill and zero-export policy. This means that we guarantee we will never send the IT assets brought to us to landfills nor overseas where developing nations are often polluted by such discarded e-waste.

When it comes to environmental protection, most teams we work with in San Francisco choose us because their team simply doesn’t have enough time or resources to study all of the latest updates in environmental law and ethics. One of the main areas of value that we deliver to customers like you is our knowledge in this area and ability to provide an ethical, compliant process from start to finish.

No need to worry about data destruction

When it comes to IT asset disposition in San Francisco, data security should also be top of mind for every team around.

Whether you’re a company, startup, hospital, school, government office, or any other team, your IT assets almost certainly contain a large amount of private data. This data can include employee records, tax data, personal IDs, private emails and attachments, proprietary information and many other types of data.

At NC Computer Recycling, our secure data destruction services can help you ensure that every device you hand over to us has the data fully wiped from it so that criminals have no way to recover data from processed devices. We go well beyond basic deletion methods, with DOD 5220.22-M compliant processes and device shredding designed to meet the NIST SP 800-88 standard “Guidelines for Media Sanitization.”

We help you keep everything accountable

In addition to environmental protection and data destruction, our comprehensive services also include helping you keep an accounting of all devices that are brought to us and processed.

Our secure facilities include 24/7 access control and CCTV surveillance, helping preserve a record of anyone who was concurrently at our facility with your devices while they’re with us. In addition, we also track devices as they’re processed and can help produce records for you.

Our services help reduce liability

When you add up all of our services, they help meaningfully reduce the liability for teams like yours in a wide range of areas.

Over the years, we’ve seen all kinds of organizations get hit with fines and lawsuits related to environmental e-waste violations, data security breaches, and accountability. Our services help address all of these areas in fully compliant ways during the IT asset disposition process because we’ve specialized in this process for years.

If you’re ready to see how our services can help make your IT asset disposition project a success, give us a call or send us an email and our friendly team of experts will gladly assist.

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