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How to Prevent Common Mistakes in San Francisco Corporate IT Equipment Remarketing

If you’re in the process of preparing for a San Francisco corporate IT equipment remarketing project, it’s important to avoid some of the common mistakes that local teams make. Many teams are ill-equipped to handle the challenges of San Francisco corporate IT equipment remarketing, but there are some basic knowledge points that you can use to avoid common risks.

We know that getting up to speed on this subject isn’t exactly easy or straightforward, so our team of IT equipment remarketing experts has put together these simple tips to help you steer clear of some common mistakes that we see many teams make.

Mistake 1: Not knowing the market value of the equipment
When it comes to IT equipment remarketing, one of the fundamental mistakes that we see teams struggle with is not knowing the market value of the equipment that they’re trying to remarket.

Having no idea what the price of the equipment should be means not knowing whether the returns are appropriate or not.

Overestimating the value often means unnecessary disappointment or people making budgetary plans that are not in line with reality.

Underestimating the value often leads to getting a lower return from remarketing efforts than could have otherwise been achieved.

No matter what type of inaccuracy in estimating the market value of the IT equipment, problems will occur if you don’t know how to estimate the value of the equipment, which is why many teams turn to experts like our team at NC Computer Recycling for advice and guidance.

Mistake 2: Not refurbishing the equipment properly
Another mistake we see a lot of teams making is failing to refurbish the equipment properly, or not refurbishing any equipment at all.

When it comes to remarketing equipment, a little quick, skilled refurbishing can go a long way to maximizing the value of the equipment and the return your team gains at the end of the IT equipment remarketing process.

Many teams look to us for help in this area also, because our team is skilled in quickly and efficiently getting items cleaned up and even replacing parts if necessary.

Mistake 3: Not finding the right buyers
Many teams also struggle to find the right buyers for their equipment.

Many are tempted to settle for a single buyer for all of the equipment they want to offload, rather than finding the highest-paying buyer for each type of device they’re prepared to sell.

Many teams also simply don’t check enough buyers, or don’t know where to look to find buyers. IT equipment remarketing, when done right, should be a lot more thoughtfully executed than simply posting the equipment to Craigslist or other similar websites, so many teams tend to lean on us for in-depth knowledge of where to find the best places to target IT equipment remarketing efforts.

Mistake 4: Spending too much time trying to figure it all out
The IT equipment remarketing process is complicated and most teams don’t specialize in this area of expertise, making it difficult to learn on the fly.

Many teams make critical mistakes, like not properly sanitizing the data on all devices before remarketing them.

In general, it’s almost always better to avoid these headaches by finding a qualified professional team to work with, like our team at NC Computer Recycling.

Mistake 5: Delaying too long
Finally, it’s important not to wait too long in remarketing your IT equipment. IT equipment can depreciate significantly if not addressed in a timely manner, and leaving old equipment sitting around with sensitive data is an unnecessary risk for any organization.

Get in touch with our friendly team by phone or email and see how we can help you get the most from your IT equipment remarketing efforts.

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