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How to Monetize San Francisco IT Asset Evaluation for Enterprise Teams

There are several considerations that need to go into every San Francisco IT asset evaluation project, but they’re not always obvious to every team. Since we have years of experience providing San Francisco IT asset evaluation services, we’re happy to have summarized some helpful tips in the text below to help teams like yours maximize the financial return on your old IT assets.

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Consider age of IT assets

One of the most logical places to start when considering IT asset evaluation is the age of the IT assets. This may seem obvious, but some people often forget to factor in age when considering the value of IT assets.

For some team members, it may seem that the IT asset is worth the same as other items that perform the same function, however age factors heavily into the remaining estimated lifespan of the IT asset.

Moreover, IT assets in particular may be influenced by age more than certain other types of assets, because technology evolves at such a rapid pace. As technology evolves, existing IT assets become relatively less modern or outdated much faster than other slower-moving asset classes.

Condition of IT assets is another major factor

When it comes to measuring the value of an IT asset, the condition and performance level of the IT asset are another huge factor.

If an IT asset isn’t functioning at peak performance, it simply is not worth as much as a similar IT asset that performs the same function at a higher level of performance.

Wear and tear also matter, as the physical condition of the IT asset can deteriorate in a way that affects estimated lifespan, performance and durability of the IT asset.

Don’t overlook the actual market available

At the end of the day, perhaps the most important factor in IT asset valuation is the actual market of buyers who are willing to hand over money for the IT asset.

Unfortunately, at times this may be a low number or even zero if few or no buyers are available who want to purchase the IT asset.

It’s important to have realistic expectations and base estimates based on actual market data from previous sales or similar sales where a value was established for the same or similar IT assets.

Aim to move IT assets in bulk with a remarketing partner

When it comes to deriving an accurate valuation of your IT assets and selling them to recoup on costs, it’s important to make sure you apply the process to as many IT assets as possible to maximize efficiency and receive the biggest return.

Be sure to also partner with a reliable, reputable partner like our team at Direct Resource Management, who can help with IT asset remarketing and pass back some of the returns back to your team to bolster your bottom line.

If you’re ready to move forward or if you’d just like a few answers, remember that we’re always here to help. Give us a call or send us an email and our friendly IT experts will gladly assist.

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