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How to Avoid Dangers in Digital Data Destruction for San Francisco Corporations

When it comes to protecting your organization from unwanted compromises in data security, having a solid plan for digital data destruction for San Francisco corporations is a must. As experts in digital data destruction for San Francisco corporations, our team of data destruction professionals is here to help and has created this short guide to help teams like yours avoid common mistakes.

When it comes to data destruction, even small mistakes can become large vulnerabilities later down the road, so be sure to pay careful attention to the following tips so that your team can avoid unnecessary risk.

Not covering all devices
One of the most common mistakes that we see San Francisco corporations make is failing to account for all devices that may contain sensitive data.

Many people think of the obvious – laptops, computers, and mobile devices. However, modern offices have many more devices that can store sensitive data, like servers, external hard drives, flash drives, USB drives, and much more.

If your team is serious about being comprehensive with your data destruction efforts, make sure you cover all of the devices possible. If your team has a clear inventory, you can refer back to the devices purchased and in use as a good starting point.

Not covering devices correctly
Not all devices store data in the same way. For example, traditional hard-disk drives and solid state drives do not store and delete data in the same manner.

When it comes to data destruction, we see far too many teams not applying the appropriate data destruction method for the devices they’re trying to clear the data from. Some teams even still believe that the basic delete function in the operating system on a computer, for example, is a sufficient way to prevent the data from being recovered, but it’s far from guaranteed.

Consider the diverse range of products that your team is probably working with, and make sure you apply foolproof data destruction methods that are appropriate for each device based on how it operates.

Not having the right documentation
Unfortunately, many teams also do not document their data destruction processes. In fact, many teams decide to work with us specifically to handle this deficiency.

At NC Computer Recycling, we’re always happy to provide full documentation of every device brought to us, the time and date it was processed, and other important details.

Many teams overlook documentation and then later when questions arise about data leaks in the organization, they can’t definitively say they’ve covered all data destruction needs even if the leak didn’t originate from their team.

Not partnering with a well-qualified professional
Probably the biggest mistake that we see teams make is trying to tackle data destruction themselves when they’re ill-equipped or not very experienced in the process.

Usually it’s far more efficient and effective to partner with a well-qualified data destruction specialist like our team at NC Computer Recycling. For most teams, trying to figure everything out as they go and recover from missteps is a costly process in terms of both time and staff resources.

Failing to take action in a timely manner
Another mistake many teams make is failing to act in a timely way. It’s a big risk to leave old devices sitting around the office with sensitive data stored on them. People can pick them up unnoticed and devices have a tendency of going missing for some offices and teams, leading to unwanted data exposures outside of the organization.

Don’t let the risk add up – give us a call or send us an email and chat with our team about how we can solve your data destruction challenges for you quickly and effortlessly.


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