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Auditing & Reporting
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NCMSS IT Asset Auditing and Reporting for E-waste Recycling and ITAD Solutions

Knowledge is power, if it is used prudently. NCMSS IT Asset & Reporting services enable you to control your IT environment, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. NCMSS's auditing and reporting practices are based on thoroughness. NCMSS understands that providing ultra-secure IT asset disposal, recycling and disposal methods includes auditing and documenting the complete process. This, in turn, enables our clients to document to senior management, regulatory officials, inspectors, and others that the proper auditing steps are employed.

Technology Disposal Management and Asset Reporting Features

Accurate inventory is the first step in NCMSS's process. All items entering NCMSS's chain of custody are bar-coded, inventoried, using serial numbers, and stripped of previous identification. All of this is done using data-capture software and scanning wands.

When the client-approved destruction process is complete, the client receives an inventory list as well as a Certificate of Destruction, notarized and signed by a NCMSS officer. The Certificate is a nationally recognized legal performance document. The documents assure customers that all items entrusted to NCMSS are recycled as contracted. This documentation is your tangible proof of performance.

With NCMSS's Auditing, Reporting and Certification Services:

  • Items entering NCMSS's chain of custody are bar-coded, inventoried and stripped of all previous identification
  • Serial numbers of processed and destroyed items are captured by handheld scanners and recorded by NCMSS's proprietary data collection software for audit and accountability purposes
  • Clients receive an inventory list and a Certificate of Recycling and Destruction, a legal performance document, notarized and signed by a NCMSS officer
  • Inventory information is stored, indefinitely, on a secure server for our customers

The NCMSS documentation strategy has been successfully tested against the stringent auditing standards employed by the U.S. government agencies. The trustworthy assurance is unmatched in the industry.

Data Destruction Certificate and serial number lists are available on demand.

NCMSS provides detailed Recycling Certificates by job, weight, or by individual serial numbers; these certify that the material was properly destroyed and recycled.

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